Arksie is a fresh children’s clothing brand from Helsinki. We are wild, adventurous, care free and playful. Much like the children who wear our clothes. Arksie was born out of the desire to create clothes that kids themselves love to wear. We inspire children to play without a care in the world, express themselves and simply have fun. Our trademark ears and tails remind you that life is a fun adventure we get to embark on together. Arksie has been granted the right to use Design from Finland brand.


Arksie garments are made in a small, responsible factories in Tallinn and Portugal. They share our passion for high quality andattention to the details. It is a key priority for us, that Arksie garments are durable and can be used and washed without having to worry about fading of the colours or excessive lint in the fabric. We recommend that you always follow the washing instructions.


We want to do our part in protecting our valuable planet and it’s animals by reducing waste and especially plastic waste. Therefore we don’t wrap our clothes in plastic. Also, all of the hang tags are made of recycled paper and are attached to the clothes with yarn.


We manufacture durable, high-quality and timeless children wear that allows them to be used for a loooong time. As your children grow out of them, we hope you recycle your Arksies and give another kid the chance to find their new favourite outfit. We don’t believe in fast fashion when it comes to children’s wear. Long live the animals of the ark!


Making high quality garments that keep their colour and shape is very important to us. We only use organic cotton, and have tested all our fabrics washing them relentlessly. Our cotton is GOTS-certified organic meaning that the used cotton is harvested from raw materials that are from environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing. We only use OEKO-TEX-certified dyes and colours in our fabrics. This way we can be sure that our clothes are safe for the little ones.

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